lukotava notikumi dalibnieki lauka izdotie instrumenti darbnica






Any vision of shape, distance, scale or position in space, even when appearing solidified and fixed is nothing but illusion. It slips away as horizon when approaching, drips through fingers as water held in palms, dims as light at dusk. As a vision in dream, what is believed real appears to be a constant flow of transition from substance to substance and eventually beyound. Its property is neither appearance nor content but the endless mutation of possibilities - an unexpected flux of pulss, motion and transformation. As in sleep, Hypnos moves us with light, vision and sound through different stages of consciosness fluctuating recklessly in our senses in each ones very own special way that we share in common medium of subconscious fantasy.

Hypnos performed live as moving sound, light and image, transformed in space

by Ieva Balode and Maksims Shentelevs.

16 and 8 mm film, tape and fieldrecordings in expanded and acousmatic technics.šenteļevs