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Performance “Words and tonalities”.
A bernurits discourse on the synesthetic nature of language and tone.



“All infants might have the potential for acquiring absolute pitch, which could perhaps be realized by enabling infants to associate pitch with verbal labels during the critical period for language acquisition” – Diana Deutsch.

“Music and language have a common origin… sort of singing language of meanings… or Hmmm (holistic-mimetic-musical-multimodal) … it depended on a conglomeration of isolated skills, including mimetic abilities and absolute pitch” – Steven Mithen.

“Musical discourse is essentially nonverbal, though, obviously, words influence its structures in many cases; and to analyze non-verbal language with verbal language runs the risk of distorting the evidence. Music is therefore, strictly speaking, an unknowable truth, and discourse about music belongs to the realm of metaphysics” – John Blacking.

Two word artists and two sound artists will come together to meet the challenge of rediscovering the inner “musical” mode of protolanguage, which is coded in the rhythms and moods of the poetical key that unlocks the mind and allows us to peek into the subconscious.

Ligija Purinaša, Jayde Will, Rostislavs Rekuta-Džordževičs and Maksims Šenteļevs will combine words and tones, shaping the phrases of a synesthetic language of the rural and urban, natural and musical.

The multidisciplinary improvisation of four artists will take place according to the celebrated tradition of gatherings made by the bernurits collective.