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Jez riley French




Jez riley French lives & works in East Yorkshire. His output involves elements of intuitive composition, field recording (using conventional & extended methods) photographic images (including their use in photographic scores) and improvisation. He has performed, exhibited and had his work published widely across Europe and also lectures in both field recording and intuitive composition as a guest lecturer & on the regular 'Wildeye' residential courses for arts & film industry professionals. During 2009 Jez undertook residencies in Estonia, Belgium, France, Portugal, Latvia & Austria.


Alongside his own work Jez also curates an annual arts event series in East Yorkshire; 'seeds & bridges' and runs the 'engraved glass' artist editions imprint.


In recent years Jez has been working closely with specific architectural spaces, capturing a sense of place that is both highly personal and yet offers the audience a fascinating opportunity to look and listen anew to the environments in which we spend our time.


Since the early 1980's he has also been working on the concept of photographic scores & many of these have been performed and recorded by various musicians around the world. These unique scores & his works using extended field recording techniques are now to be found on many courses at universities in the Europe & the USA.