lukotava notikumi dalibnieki lauka izdotie instrumenti darbnica



Vilnius Sound Locations is a site specific workshop which deals with phenomenon of spatial memory of the place.
As in many cultures believed, each activity including thought resonates in space leaving a trace. Some traces sustain for seconds other for longer time and some seem never to leave a place. These strong spatial resonances play significant role in how we act in particular places. They also shape phisical architecture of spaces. By acting with open mind, deep concentration on presence and awareness of surrounding we are exposing ourselves to the flow of spatial memory, thus becoming both mediums of the past actions and true actors of the real moment.
A group of participants in given time explored indoor spaces using a set of simple tools like mallets, bows or anything found on location to discover sounds of the place. Listening and playing builds up personal relation to location and group. These acts of sound making manifest conscious presence and involvement into particular moment of timespace. There were  no certain rules or premises on what and how should be done. All ideas arised exectly on sites. Buildings that house in space with its memories as a large instruments sounded for themselves.
This workshop practice is not intended to develop any form of postmodern art. It has to be visioned rather as meditation that opens perceptive capacities and blends inner and outer spaces into one, with care as deep as each one devotes.





Foto: maksims šenteļevs.








Vita / Justina Nekrašaitė / Eva Michel / Dovydas  / Marta Ivanova / Ernesta Spiegyte / Raimonda Tamuleviciute / Matas Drukteinis / Edmundas Seilius / Monika Sokaitė / Deimante Ta / Andrius Rugys / Carsten Stabenow / Gints Birznieks / Maksims Šenteļevs


Maksims Šenteļevs / Gints Birznieks


Special thanks to:
Andrius Rugys / Carsten Stabenow / Antanas Jasenka / People we met on locations / Vilnius.